Winter Hiking – Sahalie and Koosah Falls

A couple of weeks ago we had a guest from Spokane and decided to give her the grand tour. We visited Cougar Hot Springs, then out to Florence and up the coast as well as to Clear Lake and of course we stopped by Sahalie Falls which was mostly accessible despite there being a couple of feet of snow. Walk ways were a bit slippery, but several folks were down there checking out the roaring McKenzie River.

Koosah Falls, just down the road a little way was a different story. The snow was several feet deep to the road and as far as we could tell only one ambitious soul had made the hike before us in the recent days. We set out in sneakers and 1/4 mile+ later through 2-3ft snow we made it to the falls and decided it would have probably been a better idea to hike the McKenzie River Trail from Sahalie to Koosah as it looked as though hikers with snow shoes had created a path. Live and learn I suppose! This was the end of March, so plan accordingly when heading up into the hills!