• Have you ever been bored on a nice weekend and can’t think of anything to go out and do?
  • Did you just move to Eugene, Oregon and you have no idea what there is to do?
  • Have you been wanting to try new outdoor adventures in the Eugene area but don’t know where to start?
  • Have you always wanted to try that new sport, but don’t know what’s involved?
  • Tired of searching the web for hours when trying to find something new to do?

EugeneOutdoors.com is your answer. EugeneOutdoors.com is devoted to providing you with information on the best outdoor activities in Eugene, Springfield, Lane County, and all of Oregon. We know the best hikes, hot springs, swimming holes, and the best views. Whether it’s the coldest winter or the hottest summer, you’ll always be able to find an outdoor adventures at EugeneOutdoors.com.

Here you will find an encyclopedia of local outdoor adventures and all the information you need about them. At EugeneOutdoors.com we’ve already done all the hours of searching for you. All you need to do is click on an adventure and do it!

Inside each post you’ll find comprehensive information about an adventure. IE, Location, cost, time involved, useful info. As EugeneOutdoors.com progresses you’ll be able to see other peoples reviews and comments about a particular adventure.

EugeneOutdoors.com was started in 2009 with the goal of providing information on local outdoor adventures to the people of Eugene, OregonĀ  and the surrounding areas. We realized that there’s so much to do and see in the Eugene area, but there weren’t any sites that could point us in the right direction. Everything was so scattered that it took hours to find all the information needed for a single outdoor adventure. We hope we can provide you with some of the best information around so you can discover some of the unique spots that only Oregon can offer… There aren’t many places in the world were you can ski, white water raft, and scuba dive all in one day! We hope you enjoy the site! Feel free to leave us feedback on our contact page.

I’d like to thank Donald Gudehus of Parfait Image for letting me use his wonderful photos of the Oregon outdoors for my background.