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Mountain Biking King Castle Trail

In the last gasps of autumn we've been getting out more and more and treasuring that little bits of great weather we can get. Last weekend we mountain biked a trail that is new to us. King Castle is only a few miles from the west end of the ever popular McKenzie River Trail, but it offers a bit more elevation change as well as a trail with a moderate difficulty rating. We rode from the top down, though if you are in the right shape the 7(ish) mile trail can give you a great burn if you ride it up. We were more interested in feeling the wind in … [Read more...]

Finding & Identifying Chanterelle Mushrooms in Oregon

The rains have finally come to Eugene and with the wetness and cooler temperatures come the mushrooms. They can be found just about anywhere in all shapes and sizes. In the dirt, on logs, under the ferns - fungus is everywhere, but what is safe? If you are looking for beginner hints to identify mushrooms visit this page on If you are after the lovely golden chanterelles that are coming up in the hills all around Eugene this link will help you identify them specifically. Just remember if you are not sure what you are … [Read more...]