McCredie Hot Springs

McCredie Hot Springs, located about an hour outside of Eugene, is a small grouping of hot springs on the edge of Salt Creek. These springs are known for their easy access and hot temperatures. It is only about a 200-yard walk from Highway 58 to the hot springs.

Type: Natural Hot Springs, silt and organic debris bottom.
Temperature: 114 to 98 degrees
Parking: There is a parking area located near the springs.

Location: Between mileposts 45 and 46 onHighway 58 just East of Oakridge, Oregon. You will notice a parking area on the right side of the road (going east).
Eugene to Hot Springs – Click Here for the Map

Time Involved: Usually I like to schedule a nice afternoon at the hot springs. I try to plan for about 2 hours of travel and 2 hours soaking in the springs themselves.

Adventure Specifics: Don a bathing suit (or not), and enjoy these beautiful hot springs. There is about a 200 yard walk from the parking area to the springs, but that’s about it. The springs are located at 2,000 ft. so in the winter months there is usually snow.

These hot springs are VERY hot, so be careful before you jump in. During the winter months, there is often snow surrounding the hot springs so be sure you have warm clothing. Also, Salt Creek is cold, swift, and can flood the springs during high water. Nudity is common at these hot springs.

What to Bring: A bathing suit (or not), water, towel, proper shoes, proper clothing for the time of year.

Amenities: Dirt parking lot.

Best Times to Go: Spring, Summer, and Fall.

General Comments: These hot springs are among the most popular and easily accessible in the area. The largest pool is about 30ft. across and up to 2 ft. deep. The smallest is about 3 ft. across. The bottom is composed mainly of dirt and organic material, but may also contain glass and rocks so be careful.

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