Tamolitch Pool

Tamolitch Pool (also known as Blue Pool) is the basin of Tamolitch Falls, once a natural waterfall on the McKenzie River that has since been diverted by EWEB, buried by lava flows, and is now a “dry” waterfall. What remains is a large, breathtaking pool of spring-fed water that shades from deep purple to turquoise.

Tamolitch Pool, known by many as Blue Pool due to its brilliant aquamarine water, is a rewarding destination along the McKenzie River Trail. (Photo By: Andrea Niemiec)

The Trailhead: The trail to Tamolitch Pool (near Blue River, Oregon) leaves from a trail head a few hundred yards off of Highway 126, and is a four mile loop along part of the popular 26-mile-long McKenzie River Trail. For the first mile or so the trail winds through cedar and hemlock forests and runs parallel to the river. The trail then climbs approximately 200 feet in elevation as it crosses a moss-covered lava bed for the second mile, and the McKenzie River rushes far below at the base of the basalt cliffs.

After approximately 2 miles the trail reaches the pool, and hikers have a nice vantage point from the top of a cliff; bring a lunch to eat while you sit and enjoy the view.

Location: Google Maps From Eugene

From Eugene or Springfield, take Highway 126 east for approximately 65 miles. From the highway will be visible the small EWEB power station at the upper end of Trailbridge Reservoir; turn left onto the unmarked road that serves the power station (this road is 14 miles east of the small community of McKenzie Bridge). Cross the bridge and turn to your right. Approximately half a mile down the gravel road you will see the signs for the trail head. While the trail has a high volume of traffic during the warmest months of the year, the view of the pool is worth the extra company.

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