Tire Mountain – Hiking & Wildflower Meadows

Tire Mountain outside of Oakridge, Oregon is a relatively easy 7.6 mile round trip hike through old growth forests and sloping meadows filled with seasonal wildflowers.  Mid-June through mid-July will provide the best variety of wildflowers. Tire Mountain was once home to a small fire lookout, now all that remains is the cleared spot on the top of the mountain. Since its decommissioning, trees and brush have overgrown the clearing obstructing all views from the top. This trail is open to hikers and bikers so be prepared to share the … [Read more...]

Newberry Volcanic Monument – Paulina and East Lake

Newberry Volcanic Monument - Officially created in 1990 within the Deschutes National Forest, Newberry Crater is a 17sq mile geologic wonder. The monument contains lakes stocked with fish, cinder cones, obsidian flows, waterfalls, camping, hiking and even some elusive hot springs if you know where to look for them. It's two main lakes, Paulina Lake and East Lake are surrounded by lush forests ands amazing peaks. The access road is seasonal and it is not uncommon for it to be blocked until after Memorial Day. The Location: Paulina Lake (the … [Read more...]

North Umpqua Trail – Dread and Terror Section

The North Umpqua Trail parallels the N. Umpqua River east of Roseburg, OR for 79 miles of hiking and biking. The Dread & Terror section is a 13 mile section of ridgeline trial with several unique water features. It is one of the most scenic sections of the trail. It takes its name from the dread associated with the potential threats of having to fight fires in the impenetrable thickets of white thorn bush that cover so much of the area. Location: The Trailheads for the Dread and Terror Section are the parking area for Umpqua Hot Spring … [Read more...]

North Umpqua Trail – Tioga Section

The North Umpqua Trail parallels the N. Umpqua River east of Roseburg, OR for 79 miles of hiking and biking. The Tioga section is the first section you come to when approaching from Roseburg or Glide and it is about 16 miles of aerobically demanding hill climbs to gorgeous views. The trail in predominantly single track and this section ends at Wright Creek. Location: The Trailhead for the Tioga Section (and the start of the N. Umpqua Trail) is at the Swiftwater Picnic Area about 6 miles east of Glide, OR. Time Involved: A couple of hours … [Read more...]

Willamette Pass Ski Resort

Willamette Pass Ski Resort is a medium sized ski resort located 75 minutes outside of Eugene on Highway 58. Known for it's great steep terrain and proximity to the Eugene Area, Willamette Pass makes a perfect day trip when you're craving the snow. In the summer they have some of the best mountain biking, hiking, and sight seeing in the Cascades. General Comments:Willamette Pass is a great ski resort if you want a fun, convenient day of skiing. They have terrain for everyone, a great atmosphere, and an enjoyable mountain. If you are a … [Read more...]

Alton Baker Park

Alton Baker Park is Eugene's largest developed park with over 400 acres to explore. The park features miles of running trails (paved and dirt), river paths, duck ponds, large open fields, a dog park, and an overall beautiful environment. Named after Register-Guard founder Alton F. Baker, the park is divided into two distinct areas: the more developed West Alton Baker Park and the natural and serene East Alton Baker Park. Location: North bank of the Willamette River smack dab in the middle of Eugene. Click Here for a Google Maps … [Read more...]